Ad Network Monitor is a new tool that allows publishers to track ad networks in their apps. Using this tool you can follow ad networks’ activation criteria without assistance, see if a given network is activated in your app or not, and disable ad networks by yourself.

Ad Network Monitor is available to all Appodeal clients by default. You can find this new feature in your app’s settings. The list of ad networks is divided by ad types, and a network set is unique for every ad type.

Ad Network Monitor notifies the users about activation routes of ad networks and their special characteristics. Some of these notifications are rather straightforward, others require further explanation due to the specifics of particular networks.

Let’s consider examples of the messages you might get from Ad Network Monitor and take a closer look at the reasoning behind them.

This network is available for games only

Not all ad networks work with non-gaming apps. There’s a requirement for such ad networks that your app must be a game.

This is not a kids app

Not all ad networks work with kids apps. To enable these networks it’s required to confirm that the app is not a kids app — i.e. its audience is older than 13 years old.

Blocked by mature content filter setting

This network does not support content filter setting so it’s impossible to disable it in apps that require mature content filtering. You can enable and disable mature content filter in app settings inside your account.


Blocked by COPPA setting

This network doesn’t comply with COPPA, therefore we can’t enable it in apps where the COPPA setting is on. You can manage COPPA in app settings in your account. To read more about COPPA and working with kids apps please follow the link to our article on the topic.

App store link required

An app store link to the app is required to activate this network — otherwise it’s not possible.

This network has to be connected manually

This network has to be connected to your personal account manually. To do that, follow this link.

This network will be activated by ad request

This network will be activated as soon as the first request for this ad type comes in.

This network will be activated soon

This message means that we are already working on enabling this network. It might also take the network some time to review the app.

The app must have a unique Bundle ID

According to this network’s requirements, it can be connected to only one app with a unique Bundle ID on the platform. To read more about Bundle ID in our FAQ, please follow this link.

You must accept Vungle’s agreement for this app

To enable this network you have to accept Vungle’s agreement. The agreement will be sent as soon as all the other requirements are met, you will be notified of that in dashboard.

This network works only with the latest Appodeal SDK

This network will be activated only for the new versions of Appodeal SDK. You can follow SDK updates in our documentation, blog or on social media.

Messages related to impression amount

This message group is directly connected to the network’s efficiency. Each message means that in order to optimize productivity this network with be connected only after reaching a certain number of impressions per ad type.

  • Impressions of in (country) — total number of impressions per country/region

  • Daily impressions of in (country) — daily number of impressions per country/region

  • Daily impressions of — daily number of impressions (regardless of country/region)

  • Total impressions of — total overall number of impressions

Why does traffic volume mean so much for some networks? First of all, the network’s fill-rate can be lower in scarce traffic. Secondly, low traffic can take a toll on this network’s profits. Moreover, earnings forecast works better for bigger traffic volumes because sometimes there’s not enough statistics for analysis.

Disabled by default

After activation, StartApp banners will be off by default. If you want to use this network for banners, you have to turn them on manually by clicking the designated switch.

Temporarily disabled by Appodeal

This message means that Appodeal has turned this network off due to technical reasons. It could be that we’ve found some bugs in the network’s SDK, or this network causes issues in the app, or there’s some difficulty in activating it — the problems can be numerous and we’re definitely working on them, most often together with the network’s team.