What’s Ad Server?
Ad Server is a new tool by Appodeal which allows you to run cross-promotional campaigns for your own applications and manage direct deals with advertisers. It has a completely new flexible and responsive interface. Ad Server provides an opportunity to set up campaigns across direct and mediated ad networks to find the highest bids.

Why is Ad Server cool?
🚀 Direct campaigns: If you have your own arrangements with the advertisers, you can widen your ad sources by including these advertisers directly into your campaigns.

🚀 Cross promotion: Now you can manage cross promotion campaigns for your own applications or advertise your partners’ products.

🚀 Deep customization

This is an important part of the new tool — special settings which help to focus on your goals and earn more. For example, targeting includes the following settings:

  • Geographic location
  • Devices and platforms, including an ability to select them by IDFAs
  • Demographics such as age and gender

Along with this, you can set up frequency capping to control impressions for a unique device - per day, by minutes and even per session. You can also schedule your ads according to your needs by weeks, days, or hours.

🚀 Raw data reports: Raw data is convenient to use within analytical services.

🚀 Price floors: You can use price floors if you know your user costs.

🚀 Backfill: No empty ad areas — Ad Server can fill them with cross promotional campaigns.

Learn how to use it
Ad Server is packed with powerful features. You can learn more about all of the settings and use cases in this in-depth tutorial:

If you have any questions about the new Ad Server tool, feel free to consult with your Appodeal manager or contact our support team.