Direct deal is a deal made directly with a source of ad demand, past all intermediaries. As a rule, such deals are divided into two types:

  1. Direct deal with an ad network - ad impressions are pre-arranged and there’s a fixed fee with CPM (cost per mille) or CPI (cost per install) models.
  2. Direct deal with an advertiser.

In most cases, you can create and launch ad campaigns for both types of direct deals through Ad Server.


Why do we need ad campaigns for Direct deals?

The main advantage of setting campaigns that way is that there's a real chance to get the maximum price per impression (in the case of type B — a deal with the advertiser) and a guaranteed eCPM of this ad campaign (both types). It’s not difficult to guess that any ad network or ad agency prioritizes advertisers and charges a certain percent for its services.

By establishing a direct deal with the advertiser, you get the maximum profit while Appodeal provides free of charge mechanisms for obtaining this profit through Ad Server Campaigns.

How to create campaigns through Direct deals?

Ad creative can be uploaded either through an Ad Server interface or through the link that will be used to download this creative. Deals with ad networks are usually arranged with the second option—links to creatives, because the ad network will make a decision on its own what creative to take and when to display it, even though the price will still be fixed. For a Direct Deal with an advertiser both options are available depending on the advertiser’s requirements.

The main ways to create ad campaigns through the Ad Server interface are:

  • direct upload of creatives onto Appodeal servers;
  • indicating the link via which the desired creative can be downloaded;
  • direct insertion of Html code to be rendered on the device.

The last option outlined above is for advanced users, because it requires certain skills and an understanding of how it works on the device side. In short, in the case of inserting Html code, this Html creative will be placed in the so-called MRAID container and then be visible in Appodeal’s SDK. More information about this format can be found here.

To facilitate the process, the Ad Server currently has the following mechanisms:

  • direct rendering of Html creative in the browser;
  • indication of the IDFA/ADID test device that you can preview the ad display with and see how everything looks on a real device.

In case of manually putting in the Html code for a creative, it’s quite difficult to determine how the creative will ultimately look like after being rendered on a real device, so the mechanisms mentioned above can be very useful when creating a campaign.

Is there a difference between Cross-promo and Direct deals?

From a technical point of view, there is no significant difference between Cross-promo and Direct deals. In both cases they are in effect the same ad campaigns. However, from a marketing point of view, everything is different, especially when it’s a holiday season. For example, in December 2017 alone 204 million user campaigns were made. December is the most successful period for displaying ads due to Christmas and New Year's celebrations, and holiday sales. Cross-promo allows you to redirect your traffic and monetize it through sales of In-Apps, and through the acquisition of a new audience. We encourage developers to combine Cross-promo and Direct deals for the best results.

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