In case you use AdMob to show ads in your apps, you might have gotten messages about their ad policy changes. Starting from October, 28th, AdMob will limit the number of requests per ad impression — now it can’t be more than three per one ad waterfall.

What does it mean for Appodeal clients?

Don’t worry: AdMob ads will stay the same in your app, and we will continue to look for the most expensive impressions. Currently, we have a solution that complies with new AdMob policy completely.

First, we limit the number of requests coming from our SDK to AdMob. This restriction will be applied to all versions of Appodeal SDK up to 2.1.6 on the server side. We remove all AdMob ad units from the waterfall except those three which have maximum fill rates. This change will come into effect starting from October, 10th. Since that moment all apps connected to Appodeal will become new AdMob policy compliant.

Secondly, we put a new algorithm in SDK. It optimizes Appodeal SDK so during one waterfall screening it sends only three ad requests to AdMob. However, both the waterfall and all ad units remain the same which allows for minimizing the loss. The new algorithm will be realized in Appodeal SDK 2.1.7 version. The new version will be available on October, 18th on Appodeal website.

Our team is always happy to provide you with all the details about changes — just email us at or contact your manager.

Illustration source: TechCrunch