The 2D game engine Corona shipped a new beta version of Appodeal’s plugin. Our plugin has always been widely and readily used by Corona’s developers. However, their feedback demonstrated that developers would prefer to manage ad type usage on their own. That’s the reason why Corona introduced a lighter beta version of the plugin.

The new version is modular. After you include the base plugin in your build.settings, you then include the adapters for the various ad types that are important to you, depending on your strategy and preferences.

The lighter the operational version you want to end up with, the more ad types you exclude while leveraging your build settings. In fact, you can use every ad type but doing so will have the same size requirements as the legacy Appodeal plugin.

Here’s an example of adjusting build.settings that includes all the entries you can utilize:

The legacy Appodeal plugin will stay in place for now, but eventually, the modular model will become the primary use of the plugin. Corona will manage a two-plugin model going forward, a “release” model and a “beta” model. Currently, the legacy plugin is the “release” version and modular version is the “beta” version.

Please don’t hesitate to try the modular version and let us know if you see some room for improvement. In collaboration with Corona’s team, we are always happy to help you and enhance your experience of working with both of our products.