The mobile app monetization space has shifted rapidly since Appodeal launched as one of the first intelligent ad mediation solutions in early 2015. No longer is it the industry standard for app publishers to integrate ad networks individually, publishers can now integrate dozens with just one SDK integration.


As a result of this evolution in the app monetization space, numerous ad networks have now launched their own ad mediation platform to remain competitive for app publishers. This is ultimately a welcomed development. After all, with more ad networks competing for publishers’ ad inventory now, publishers are now in the driver’s seat.


However, not all ad mediation solutions are created equally. In fact, they fall into two distinct camps: “unbiased” vs. “biased”.


“Biased” Ad Mediation: Good For Advertisers.

Publishers? Not So Much.


While no ad mediation platform would advertise themselves as being “biased,” they  fall under this label if they:

  • Feature their own ad networks
  • Work directly with advertisers
  • Or have their own internal marketplace
Essentially, “biased” ad mediation platforms generate the majority of their revenue from the sources above, which means ads from those sources get priority.

7_04 "Biased" ad mediation platforms tend to serve more ads from its internal marketplace regardless of their performance for publishers.


While adding an ad mediation service to its existing ad network does offer publishers more variety and a greater volume of ads, the core of these ad networks’ business model is still centered primarily on the advertisers.


Typically, advertisers serve ads with their ad network partners contractually for certain results (ex. 1,000,000 impressions or 10,000 installs). In order for ad networks to fulfill the goals of their advertising clients, their business model obligates them to deliver their clients’ ads as the primary focus. After all, ad networks generate most of their revenue from serving ads from their advertising clients. The ad earning performance for publishers is secondary.


For that reason, the ad earnings publishers can earn from “biased” ad mediation tends to be lower than what is possible.


Furthermore, because “biased” ad mediation platforms earn most of their revenue from their own advertisers, they are not incentivized to continuously add new ad networks to their stack. For them, it simply makes no business sense to have additional ad networks compete with their own advertisers for traffic. This limitation affects publishers’ monetization potentials around the world.


One scenario though in which it would be advantageous for publishers to use “biased” ad mediation platforms is if they have special deals set up with their in-house ad network or advertisers. Otherwise, publishers risk sacrificing full ad revenue earnings for sub-optimal results.


With Unbiased Ad Mediation, Performance for Publishers Come First


“Unbiased” ad mediation, on the other hand, offers publishers much better results across the board. Unlike “biased” ad mediation, truly “unbiased” ad mediation platforms do not work directly with advertisers, have their own internal marketplace or have special deals with particular ad networks. They function solely as a 3rd party ad arbitrator.

Appodeal is a completely unbiased ad mediation platform. We have no internal marketplace. Appodeal is a completely unbiased ad mediation platform with no internal marketplace.


In practice, that means that ads get served only on the basis of their earning potential for publishers. Using Appodeal as an example, we request an ad bid from all of our ad network partners, inject our Appodeal Bump to raise the eCPM, and serve the highest earning ad per each impression.


It is the performance of the ad for the publisher that dictates which ad gets served. No particular ad networks or advertisers get in front of the line.


Since true “unbiased” ad mediations’ revenue are tied to the performance of the ads served, adding new ad networks around the world is built into the business model.


As a result, publishers are starting to view their “unbiased” ad mediation platforms as an investment that will only grow as more high performing ad networks in different markets, including emerging markets, continue to be added over time.


Getting Started with “Unbiased” Ad Mediation


Appodeal is proud to be one of the first and leading unbiased ad mediation platform. Our publisher-first win/win business model along with arguably the best performing A.I. ad optimization algorithm in the industry have now earned higher revenue than ever for over 20,000 apps. Appodeal’s one simple SDK integration includes access to over 35 premium ad demand sources around the world competing for your traffic in all major mobile ad formats.


As the mobile app monetization space continues to move rapidly towards intelligent ad mediation, the choice between “biased” and “unbiased” mediation for publishers is clear.


“By using Appodeal, I have 100% fill-rate no matter where my users are from. My revenue has increased at least 5x times from a previous ad provider. One of the games was earning $300 daily. Now it’s $1,500 daily revenue”

- Rustem Meinchenko, Creator of “100 Doors of Revenge”



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