This post has been adapted from the original article published by Mobyaffiliates.

Appodeal, provider of intelligent ad monetization for mobile app publishers, is to roll out a new tool as part of its mediation services, which helps app publishers elicit bids based on predicted conversion rates for non-programmatic ads.

Mobile app marketers are affluent users of non-programmatic ads and despite programmatic’s rise to fame, the alternative is still an important part of the ad market.

Pavel Golubev, CEO, Appodeal, explains that in-app advertising has grown rapidly with ever more competitors flooding the market. He says:

“Mediation services have helped app publishers capitalize on this, by securing the highest bids in a programmatic model. However, non-programmatic buyers do not make bids based on impressions; they pay for conversions only. Appodeal’s new AI Prediction Engine supports this model, creating bids for publishers based on conversion probability for in-app ads.”
Dubbed the Appodeal AI Prediction Engine, it analyses mobile user behavioural data to predict the probability of an impression converting to an actual app install. If a publisher gets paid $2 per install at a probability of conversion of 5%, the price of the impression would be $0.10. Essentially, the AI Prediction Engine creates such bids for non-programmatic ads at scale.

As a bonus, it also helps publishers enter the non-programmatic market, which can ultimately optimise revenue streams and maintain user experience.

“Appodeal’s AI Prediction Engine opens up whole new realm of opportunities for publishers to enhance their programmatic advertising revenues,” adds Golubev.