We are excited to announce that Appodeal has become a member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). This organization has been pushing industry standards for years by conducting research and providing support for the online advertising community. It boasts over 650 digital media companies and their members and is aimed at building a better tomorrow for ad technologies by conducting well-grounded research today.

We have applied IAB standards to make our product convenient, easy and most efficient for our publishers. It’s an honor for us to be among leading brands, media owners, agencies and tech companies that take part in IAB.

In line with this great news, we have recently joined Blockchain Working Group. This is an in-house IAB tech lab group that explores the application of blockchain technology in the advertising industry. Members of the group endeavor to address challenges and issues in the digital advertising space as well as develop standards and best practices for the utilization of blockchain technology.

Appodeal sees this as an opportunity to share our in-depth know-how with the IAB community. We will do our best to provide our partners with new ideas and put forward our best initiatives.