SAN FRANCISCO, March 29, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Appodeal, the intelligent ad mediation solution for mobile apps, announced their plans for further growth and expansion in the mobile ad marketplace today. The company's CEO and Founder Pavel Golubev explains, saying, "I am excited to announce that we've decided to raise a $6M investment for Series A round under $50M Valuation."

The investment will allow Appodeal to move forward at full speed and continue their plans to participate in industry trade shows, work with media, hire the best people, and carry on cutting-edge R&D. Furthermore, it will contribute to the growth of the company's marketing and business development efforts.

The intelligent ad mediation solution works by engaging ad networks in an auction-based competition for every ad impression. Previously, the company announced that they had received $3.1M in new funding to grow their ad marketplace from leading app publishing companies. Investors included Ximad, Lametina Holdings, Lucky Star Games.

On February 11, Appodeal was recognized for their commitment to maximizing revenue for publishers and professional achievements at the White Nights Mobile and Social Games Conference, taking home honors as the Top Advertising and Monetization Solution of 2015.

Appodeal is now accepting investments starting at $100K. Preference will be given to investors experienced in the advertising and financial industries as well as to successful app developers and publishers. More detailed information including financials is available upon request.

Appodeal is one of the most promising and rapidly growing ad-tech startups in San-Francisco with representatives in Russia and Spain. Designed for publishers by publishers, Appodeal increases revenue through an established marketplace where ad networks compete against each other in real-time for every ad impression.

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