We’re incredibly excited to announce our latest partnership with Corona Labs Inc., designed to help developers maximize their revenue and simplify the monetization process. Based in Palo Alto, CA, Corona Labs is the leading mobile software company in the industry.

The company’s Corona SDK has been widely recognized for its streamlined workflow and innovative features, which allow developers to build mobile apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Kindle, desktop apps for Windows and OSX as well as TV apps for  tvOS and Android TV from a single code base.

Appodeal’s partnership with Corona Labs will provide developers with effortless monetization. There’s no need to worry about including support for multiple ad networks in each app, as Corona Labs’ announcement notes. With one account and one plugin, developers can now reap a multitude of benefits including higher-paying ads, increased revenue, and maximum fill rate.

If you’re ready to begin, head to Corona Labs and check out the quickstart guide and  documentation guide. We look forward to seeing your results!