Appodeal, an intelligent mobile app monetization solution, now supports ads in Apple TV apps. The new Appodeal SDK allows app developers to embed ads in Apple TV apps, optimize ad campaigns and conduct cross-promotional campaigns for iOS and tvOS apps. The tvOS app market is actively growing, and according to forecasts, the projected ad eCPM in apps on that platform will be much higher than smartphones and tablets apps, because people watching TV tend to be more engaged, are used to ads and perceive high-quality banners and videos better than on mobile.

Since 2007, Apple has sold 37 million units Apple TVs. An Apple TV app is not just a larger version of an iPhone or iPad app, but a completely different product, adapted to the peculiarities of the TV screen. Advertising in these applications isn’t just physically bigger, as it’s more interactive and vivid. It does not have many of the same problems as mobile advertising, such as limited screen real estate. This allows advertisers to create a beautiful, full-screen interactive ads, and the developers to successfully monetize tvOS apps.

Thanks to Appodeal apps publishers can embed ads from major partners such as Applovin and SpotX into their tvOS apps in the format of skippable and non-skippable video up to 30 seconds long or rewarded video (in app video ads that give users a reward for watching, such as currency, product or another incentive). In addition, developers can create campaigns with direct advertisers.

The new SDK opens up to publishers additional opportunities for cross-promotion of their projects: by placing ads of their Apple TV apps in their own applications for iPhone and iPad, publishers can attract a loyal audience to the new platform.

Appodeal is created by developers for developers; its SDK contains only 10 lines of code and requires less than an hour to integrate. Appodeal maximizes the profit from the application using automated marketplace where ad networks and other sources compete with each other for every ad display on the real time auction. With a single account and a single SDK, Appodeal gives access to deals from 30 ad networks and other platforms, picking the most profitable ads for publishers. Due to this, app publishers get maximum reward and save their time spent on advertising.

Appodeal takes no mediation fees and offers clients a monthly payment option or at any time upon request, quickly and safely, using the publisher’s preferred payment method (Bank wire, PayPal, Bitcoin, WebMoney).