Meet Appodeal SDK 2.0 — an entirely updated and even more functional version of our SDK for both iOS and Android! We’ve updated the process for integrating ad networks, added more than 30 ad demand sources, and incorporated new ad set-ups.

To learn more about the new SDK features and connect to new ad networks, please get in touch with your Appodeal manager or just email us:

📲 Download iOS SDK here.
📲 Download Android SDK here.

What’s New
✔ Easier and faster Native Ads integration leads to better results.
Interstitials and Skippable videos are combined into Interstitial format. If you use Skippable videos, you should replace it with “Interstitial”.


✔ A Report button has been added for all ad types in order to detect low-quality or inappropriate advertisements.The button also shows the name of the ad network and the version of SDK or plugin.


✔ There’s a fraud detector at the SDK level now. It allows users to analyze clicks and impressions in real time. Thanks to this feature, we can catch fraud attempts at even earlier stages and stop them in their tracks.

✔ We added a Viewability attribute which confirms that impressions have actually been tracked. This attribute is necessary so that ad networks can count impressions and pay for them. The value of the attribute depends on the ad format.

Especially for iOS

✔ Native Adbox service added to cache ads automatically. Now we’re asking advertisers for up to 6 ads simultaneously so ads can be downloaded faster — even if there’s no internet connection.

Especially for Android
We discontinued Android 2 and 3 support since those devices have mostly been phased out. The SDK is now lighter and more solid.

We added the Aar build type, which was in demand among our developers, so the integration process has become even easier.

Methods Update


✔ New Appodeal.canShow method allows you to check if it’s possible to show ads in a specific placement.

✔ New Appodeal.getRewardParameters method makes it possible for you to tell your users beforehand what kind of reward can be expected after they watch the ads.

New Ad Networks


✔ DFP (Double click for publishers) — a premium Google network. Available formats: Interstitial, Banner, MREC.
✔ Ogury –premium European demand. Only for Android.
✔ IronSource integration is updated. Available formats: Interstitial, Rewarded Video.
✔ Inmobi integration added for all formats.
✔ Admob Rewarded Video added (Android only, iOS coming soon).

Let us know what you think of the new features below!