From its initial launch in January 2015, Appodeal has grown to include over 70 employees with offices in San Francisco, Barcelona, and Moscow. This team includes a diverse crew of hardworking and talented go-getters. Each employee, from Support to Sales, contributes to the company's incredible success and makes achieving our mission of bringing the power back to the publishers possible.

To celebrate our growing team, we've compiled some highlights of the past year below.

Karina Shakh, Publisher Relations, and Jenya Fedorova, Business Development Manager, at DevGAMM

Wing Poon (Product Marketing Manager), Gareth Lee (Head of Sales & Publisher Relations), Adrienne Carpenter (Operations/Account Payable, Natalie Portier (COO), Leah Busse-Geagan (Global HR/Recruiter), and Pavel Golubev (CEO & Founder) celebrating Halloween in the office!

Not to be outdone, the Russian team enjoys some fall fun as well. L to R: Stepan Soloviev (Head of Appodeal Russia), Jenya Fedorova (Business Development Manager), Julia Shmyrova (PR), Denis Gerasimov (Publisher Relations), Karina Shakh (Publisher Relations), Galina Tokareva (HR & Events Manager).

Galina Dormisheva, Business Development Manager, and Irina Pivsaeva, HR & Event Manager, at Chamonix.

Anna Baidachnaya, Head of Appodeal Europe, and Diana Bogdanova, Publisher Relations, enjoying Paris at Game Connection 2016.

MGF Seattle 2016 was a huge success! L to R: Chris Lefebvre (Publisher Relations), Gareth Lee (Head of Sales & Publisher Relations), Pavel Golubev (CEO & Founder), Japneet Kaur (Publisher Relations), and Leah Busse-Geagan (Global HR/Recruiter).

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