Appodeal Android publishers can now benefit from Ogury’s premium CPMs and premium advertisers.

Ogury is a revolutionary app monetization solution, unique on the market. You can now get access to premium mobile advertising from the top global brands; this means that you will never lose any users to the competition. You earn a premium CPM at $12, while your app users enjoy the best possible user experience. 

How do Appodeal publishers benefit from having Ogury as a demand partner?

With traditional partners, you're selling a bulk of impressions. The same ad is served to every user, not targeted and not relevant. They also often show ads for app install campaigns of competitors within your app. Ogury can qualify each of your users, which advertisers can target very precisely with relevant ads. Ogury only works with premium brands, which means in your app, you'll never show ads for dodgy products, games or competitors.


Ogury gives users the power to choose if they want to share data or not — they will always be explicitly asked for their consent and can opt out at any time. If users are happy to share their data, Ogury recommends relevant products to them and doesn’t spam them with annoying ads.

Thanks to creating this virtuous circle, Ogury can pay the highest CPM in the market, and you get six times more than from the average monetization solution. Currently, Ogury works with thousands of apps across 120 countries.

We're excited to welcome Ogury to our ever-growing family of demand partners, and look forward to seeing our publishers make the most of this new relationship!