Appodeal, a leader in programmatic ad mediation for mobile apps, has announced a new Insights feature giving publishers actionable, multidimensional intelligence into the effectiveness of in-app ads. With this information, app publishers can take proactive steps to improve ad revenue generation across various audiences, device types and network usage scenarios. This is Appodeal’s latest move designed to help app publishers maximize the revenue-generation capabilities of their valuable digital properties and traffic. Insights feature finally enables app publishers to attribute ad revenues per cohort.

“Appodeal has always supported putting power back in the hands of app publishers, helping them monetize their apps and traffic to the fullest potential, quickly and easily. We also believe firmly in helping app publishers rightfully access what is theirs - advertising revenue - thus reaping the full benefits of all their hard work,” says Pavel Golubev, CEO and Founder at Appodeal. “By giving publishers direct understanding of the multiple indicators of ad effectiveness, as well as the various audience-related and technological nuances that can have an impact on it, app publishers can implement informed strategies to optimize ad-driven revenue streams.”

Made for app developers by app development veterans, Appodeal’s SDK is only ten lines of code and takes less than an hour for app publishers to integrate. It works by tracking down the most profitable ads on the market (through ad networks, as well as direct advertisers); displaying the ads and then facilitating payment to app publishers.

With Appodeal, app publishers can get paid monthly or upon request – quickly and securely, through the payment vehicle of their choice (for example, PayPal, Bitcoin or wire transfer). The end result for app publishers is improved eCPM (effective cost per thousand impressions) and greater advertising-driven revenues.

The new Appodeal Insights acts as a floodlight for app publishers using Appodeal, spotlighting how various usage trends and user profiles impact advertising performance. In addition to understanding ad effectiveness in various metrics (impression, clicks, eCPM or click-through-rate, i.e. CTR, per device manufacturer), Insights can demonstrate:

  • The effectiveness of ads coming from various ad networks;
  • How ad placement within the app impacts eCPM – which can be used to determine the best ad placement strategy;
  • Software package version - This parameter is especially useful when there are multiple versions of an app, so publishers can see if changes made in the latest version have impacted ad effectiveness;
  • User profiles insights – Publishers can get information about the users: their gender, age and even education and relationship, which allows them to monetize much more effectively;
  • Device types – App publishers can better understand the end-user experience with ads across various device types. If a publisher finds, for example, that the performance of an ad is faster and more reliable on tablets, they can work to improve the end-user experience on smartphones.
“The mobile advertising landscape is growing increasingly competitive, and app publishers truly need to take every step possible to maximize the effectiveness of their in-app advertising strategies,“ continues Pavel Golubev. “By parsing publishers’ own in-app ad performance data in multiple ways, Appodeal Insights provides actionable information that can help make advertising as lucrative as possible.”

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