Let’s walk through Appodeal’s monetization tool set and explore where we’re at today. We’ll start with Ad Server—a tool that is easy to engage and that brings results, especially if you have several applications.

Among a variety of ways to show ads to users, Cross-promo and Direct Deals are two of the most popular methods of displaying ads. Cross-promo tool allows promoting your app in your other apps. When it comes to Direct Deals, ads are displayed in your apps directly through agreement with an advertiser or ad network.


The tool Appodeal offers for launching ad campaigns is called Ad Server Campaigns. It should be mentioned that this tool comes included at no additional cost as a part of our all-in-one ad mediation SDK. As you can see, Ad Server is popular among our publishers:

3.5 thousand ad campaigns for 700 users
In 2017 — 735 million impressions with Ad Server, 204 million of which are only in December
In 2018 — 1.6 billion impressions and 38 million clicks


What ad formats does Ad Server support?

  • Static Interstitials
  • Rich Interstitials (including Playable Ads)
  • Banners
  • Video & Rewarded Video Ads
  • Native Ads

Where to start?

From the “ad waterfall” point of view Ad Server Campaigns are an ordinary Ad Unit. You can locate it anywhere, setting a certain eCPM.

With Ad Server interface you can create a “draft”, i.e. visualize an ad creative, indicating idfa/ad id of your device. You can also do that right in the browser. Although it’s not the most reliable method, it’s suitable for most ad campaigns.


We recommend uploading creatives as an “ad set”—this set should contain creatives of different dimensions to cover the maximum number of devices. After receiving a request from the SDK, the server picks out the most suitable creative that’ll fit the screen dimensions on a user’s device.


In case there are several campaigns with the same eCPM, Appodeal rotates the ad campaigns to ensure their continuity.

To learn more about setting an ad campaign through Ad Server, take a look at our article Ad Server: Appodeal's New Cross Promotion Tool.