The festive season and winter revenue come into full force in December. And right after, we are ready to channel our energy into networking and participation in conferences, full of excitement for new partnerships. Perhaps with you?

With that in mind, our team has prepared a calendar of events for 2019 (you can download it here), and recommendations of top events you won’t want to miss.


Each year the London PocketGamer Connects (PGC) becomes more and more intense. Despite the fact that this is the first event after the Christmas and New Year's super earnings, everyone is already motivated to work in full swing mode. The conference takes place in a very atmospheric building of an old brewery, the program is packed with presentations, speeches and meetings. Medium and large European mobile developers are coming together, with many representatives of monetization, analytics and user engagement products joining in. The organizers always dedicate attention to Indie Pitch, and in 2019 there will be an additional event about Blockchain trends.


White Nights is one of the fastest growing conferences in the European Region. White Nights is favorably distinguished by a sharp focus on games and game applications and high-quality participants. The conference has 3 locations: Saint Petersburg, Moscow and Berlin (the location opens up in 2019 for the first time). Last year the organizers proposed a new format for top managers: a friendly get-together in Cyprus to discuss hot news and industry trends. This year the same event will be held in Barcelona! It’s a must-visit if you want to ensure success in the CIS region.

DICE is very different from all other events. It is held twice a year and attracts C-level executives from large gaming industry companies. These are companies with popular products and extensive market expertise. The format of the meeting and the atmosphere are friendly. This is a family-friendly event, so you can bring your spouse along. The program gracefully balances collective entertainment with round tables and speeches. Be sure to visit for informal communication with major players in the market and for getting insights you can’t possibly find in open sources.


GDC (Game Developers Conference) is the largest conference for major game developers in the US — experts fly from all over the world to visit this event. Perhaps this is the only place where you can hold meetings about development, about attracting users and about monetization — all in 3 days. The conference is a hive of activity: meetings are held in the hotel lobbies, all three days filled with industry parties, breakfasts and lunches. This is a must-visit if you are planning a global product. Make sure to start the process of preparation for participation, hotel reservations and meetings planning in advance (a couple of months, at least).


At DevGAMM it’s indie developers who set the trends and this is, perhaps, the event most concentrated with products that are just entering the market. The conference has three locations in Eastern Europe and one in the US. The conference team is not afraid of being creative with the audience, so the event always turns out to be very lively and cozy. The famous Game Roast gives you a clear idea of how good your game is. Be sure to visit this event if you want to get a feel for the market.

A traditionally large community of casual game developers has gathered around Casual Connect, and the quality of presentations is always excellent. Usually companies always bring new products to the conference, showcase new features and hold educational sessions. The conference is held several times a year, often in new locations, which fosters the development of the industry. The nearest European event should take place in London at the end of spring (May).

Digital Dragons. Over the past few years, several very successful companies appeared on the Polish gaming market. In general, this region shows a steady growth and expresses interest in the game development. The event brings together many indie developers from Eastern Europe and speakers from large projects. The Mobile / PC ratio is approximately 40 / 60.


GamesCom is one of the major business events in Europe. August is a good time for signing contracts, communicating with large companies and making strategic decisions for the next year. Calendar of meetings must be prepared in advance and the hotel room booked six months ahead. In the lobby of the Radisson Blu Hotel and the Dorint Hotel An der Messe Köln there is a very high concentration of the right people. GamesCom is a must-visit for arranging important meetings.

Tokyo Game Show (Japan), ChinaJoy (China) and G Star (Korea) are the three largest conferences in Asia that are worth paying attention to if you are seriously considering this region for your business. These conferences are rather specific and require a careful preparation and command of the language of the country where the conference is held. It should be mentioned that PGC and Casual Connect usually have locations in Asia, so this could also be a good entry point to the Asian market.

Don’t forget to grab your copy of the Calendar to make sure you don’t miss anything in 2019!