Саsual games are shaking up the top app charts in 2018. Games like Playrix’s Homescapes, Design Home by Glu Mobile, and Pixelberry’s Choices all hold high positions in “top grossing” charts superseding many midcore titles.Why is this genre so popular? How exactly do developers monetize their casual games? What techniques do they use in order to both keep users engaged and earn money?

We partnered with Newzoo to make this report and help mobile app publishers get some answers. Whether you have developed casual games already, or you’re only just planning to develop one, you’ll find useful tips on localization, market trends, and monetization. Here’s a taste.


You’ll see that despite certain similarities working with small casual games is different from working on “big projects” in a number of ways. Limited space, wider target audience, shorter sessions — all of that clearly affects translation and culturalization.

Market trends

Spectacular market growth cannot go unnoticed. Newzoo’s 2018 revenue estimate for the games market is $137.9bn. Out of this amount mobile games earn just over half, or, to be precise, $70.3Bn. As for casual games, in 2017 and the beginning of 2018 the market experienced a significant revenue increase. Besides market growth, there are 5 more trends that, perhaps, are less obvious but definitely not less powerful. You can check them out in the report.


Ad monetization metrics in the US and Europe

Rewarded video has the biggest eCPM both in the US and Europe.Casual games present many opportunities for rewarded videos to be highly applicable: extending the game after a user’s health runs out, a free hint in exchange for watching a video (in a Quiz game), speeding up the game and getting a second chance (like in arcade or simulation games).

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