Last week on Wednesday, June 28th, Facebook announced their Rewarded Video launch. We’re glad to inform you that Appodeal supports Rewarded Video alongside the existing Facebook Audience Network formats. This includes banners, MREC, interstitials and native ads.

According to Amelia Zins, a Product Marketing Manager at Facebook, app users are most loyal to Rewarded Video compared to other ad types. The main benefit of Rewarded Video is that users can opt-in, and they have the choice to watch ads at a specific point in the app to earn a reward. When a user chooses to watch a Rewarded Video they usually choose to watch the video until the end. That’s why Rewarded Video performance is ahead of Skippable Videos (Interstitial). The issue facing the latter format is that users often skip these ads, resulting in a drop in revenue for the developer or publisher. Therefore, Rewarded Video demonstrates the highest eCPM of all the ad types.

Rewarded Video in Playrix's Township (source — Facebook blog)

The Rewarded Video format helps to retain players and makes a positive impact on revenue. For instance, our collaboration with Webgames Studio shows how clever integration of Rewarded Videos can increase user LTV.

To add Facebook Audience Network Rewarded Video, please contact your Appodeal manager or email us at

Also, developers have to create a Facebook Audience Network accountto add this option.