Header bidding, the revolutionary technology that reshaped the web marketing landscape a few years ago, is the buzzword of the moment in the mobile market. Everyone is wondering whether it could work the same way for the in-app environment.

At Appodeal, we were eager to reveal the superpower of this acclaimed technology, so we developed Parallel Bidding, our very own solution to in-app header bidding. After eight months of tests and experiments, we’re thrilled to be the first to open the discussion share real results of Parallel Bidding.

Increase in eCPM and ARPDAU from June-July 2018 (without Parallel Bidding) to August-September 2018 (with Parallel Bidding)

It turned out that due to enabled Parallel Bidding technology, ARPDAU of the participating app increased significantly. The participating app’s ARPDAU demonstrated a 30% increase, and its eCPM increased by 17%.

Increase in general ARPDAU from July 2018 (without Parallel Bidding) to August-September 2018 (with Parallel Bidding)

To learn more about results, please download the report below. You’ll see how the technology affected ARPDAU, eCPM, and impressions of the participating ad network. In addition, you’ll learn about the future of Parallel Bidding from our new roadmap.

Download the report

Feel free to write us at hi@appodeal.com if you have any questions about tests, want to test the technology out as a publisher, or if you’d like to integrate with Parallel Bidding from an ad demand partner side.