As you may know, the General Data Protection Regulation comes into effect on May 25, 2018. The new law is applied not only to EU-based organizations but also to anyone who has customers in the EU.

We know that it takes much effort to make all the preparations, and so we’re here to make it easier. Take a look at the resources that can help you.

GDPR-friendly SDK 2.4 version is now live!

We’ve decided to release a beta 2.4 version of the GDPR-friendly SDK with Parallel Bidding in it. Since some of our partners are still improving their GDPR compliance, we thought that for starters it would make more sense to go with the beta.

To put it simply, according to our updated privacy policy you will still need to collect consent from affected users and pass its value inside the “initialize” method of our SDK, but the updated SDK version can be initialized no matter if end-users provide their consent or not.

Please note that Parallel Bidding is still in beta, which means it needs to be enabled on the server side.

🔻Download SDK 2.4 for iOS ObjC

🔻Download SDK 2.4 for iOS Swift

🔻Download SDK 2.4 for Android

🔻Download SDK 2.4 for Unity

🔻Download SDK 2.4 for Corona


How to implement consent windows?

To learn about implementing consent windows, please read our blog post where we provided iOS, Android, Unity, and Corona demo projects via Github.

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We’ve collected all information and tips on the GDPR on this page — see the webinar, read the Q&A, and feel free to address questions to our 24/7 support team at We still encourage you to contact your lawyers to confirm what your next steps toward compliance might involve.

We look forward to continuing to be a part of your productive monetization strategy. Let us know if something is still not clear at this point — we’re happy to assist you.