With the proper app monetization tactics in place, holiday periods can be an especially profitable opportunity for mobile app publishers.

Check out the recording of our recent webinar as Natalie Portier (Appodeal’s evangelist and COO) chats with Kay Gruenwoldt (VP of business development at GameRefinery with 12 years of experience in free-to-play gaming) to uncover some tried and tested methods that you can also implement within your app around the holiday period to boost your app’s revenue.

Here’s a teaser of what you can learn from this webinar:

  • Setting up live holiday and limited time events
  • Leveraging cross-cultural event opportunities
  • Selling exclusive in-app collectible items
  • Building meaningful content around holiday sales
  • Plus more insights and tips you won’t want to miss!

“You can deliver skins and deliver these kind of events all throughout the years, but during the special days and special times, they have a much bigger impact because they have meaning.”

Kay Gruenwoldt

Know any other holiday monetization tips? Please share below!