Appodeal’s international team kicked off the year by gathering together for the first time, in the highest peaks of the Kazbegi mountains in Georgia, to determine our aspirations and strategy for this year.

2017 was a great year for Appodeal. We doubled our managed revenue in comparison with 2016 and reached $6 million in revenue. Also, we substantially increased the number of integrated ad demand sources to over 60. We are now trusted by more than 4900 publishers from all over the world.

During our Global Offsite, we agreed on the following mottos to follow in 2018 and we’re glad to share them with you:

★ We determine reliability, innovation and convenience as our core values

Appodeal is the only mediation on the market that is not affiliated with any ad network and is incentivized to increase publisher’s revenue rather than a particular ad network share. We offer a stable SDK, a stable payouts system, a stable UI, and a constant technical support. Appodeal is on the cutting edge of the app monetization technologies in the market, and we are heavily investing into new algorithms and ad formats.

To stay consistent, we continue to offer Immediate payouts to strengthen publishers’ user acquisition strategy. We support payouts in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. If you need a custom mediation solution, we are also here to help.

★ We are transparent and timely about our product updates

As of now, we are planning our product changes and tech improvements in advance. Any significant changes will be announced at least 3 months before the launch.

Also, being a B2B product we will actively proceed with working with users’ feedback. For instance, if we are going to launch, say, a new interface, we will save the old one for a while so the users could choose and switch between them easily.

★ In Q1 2018, we are focusing on three key directions: White Label, billing enhancement and new Segments

As we aspire to provide our publishers with a reliable and innovative product, we are currently developing new Segments. Alongside,  modernized Placements, this update will enable developers to target their relevant audience, conduct A/B testing, set up the amount of reward per impression, manage impression frequency and period, and much more. On top of that, the new tools are supposed to deliver in-depth statistics that will consider ad placements, user sources, or any special aspects of pre-determined user groups. The release of Segments and Placements is scheduled in March 2018.

As for billing, we are aware of some inconsistency our clients faced last year so we are actively working on the improvements. Currently we’re enriching our billing solution to make it transparent to the utmost. We are planning to introduce the updated billing by the end of the Q1.

White Label is a comprehensive solution that enables publishers to collaborate with developers they publish under the unique conditions. Our managers are ready to unveil more details if needed.

We wish you successful monetization and we are here to help! If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to hit us up at