It's easy to talk about bringing transparency into the nebulous mobile ad world. But in general, it's always better to show than tell. And now that a new year has started, we're excited to launch a new initiative of showing our eCPM performances around the world each month!

As you may know, Appodeal's ad mediation platform helps mobile app publishers and developers monetize their apps by making over 70 ad demand sources compete for each ad impression. Our algorithm then evaluates all of the ad bids and serves the ad of highest ad bid.

The report below represents the average eCPMs from the 10+ billion impressions (or winning bids) served during the month of January 2020 for each of the country around the world in which we have significant impressions data. It focuses primarily on our top 3 ad formats (rewarded videos, full-screen ads, and banner ads), broken down by iOS and Android.  

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We hope mobile app publishers and developers will find this monthly eCPM performance report to be useful as a benchmark for your app's ad revenue as well as for gaining a fuller understanding of earning potentials around the world as your app continues to grow.

Interesting highlights

  • The U.S. topped rewarded videos' eCPMs with $15.37 on iOS. Many East Asian markets dominated the top 10 highest eCPM list, with China at second place with eCPMs of $13.15.
  • On Android, rewarded videos in Australia and Japan actually came out on top with eCPMs of $11.13 and $10.31 respectively.
  • For full-screen ads on iOS, the U.S. was also on top with eCPMs of $9.30, more than doubling United Kingdom's, Europe's highest performing country.
  • Similarly for full-screen ads, on Android, Japan and Australia came out on top with eCPMs of $6.64 and $6.16 respectively.
  • For banner ads on iOS, China came in first place with eCPMs of $0.57, followed by Australia at $0.52 and the U.S. at $0.51.
  • As for banner ads on Android, Denmark surprisingly took first place with eCPMs of $0.42, followed by Australia at $0.39 and Switzerland at $0.39.

Check out the full data below for yourself! You can also hover on the maps to see the eCPMs of each available country.

Interested in obtaining these eCPM performances for your app as well? Sign up for free to Appodeal and integrate our one SDK to start monetizing straight away!

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