Appodeal strives to simplify the process of app monetization. Our next step towards ideal ad mediation is these two new tools — Segments and Placements.

They allow for selecting particular user groups and moments to show the ads inside the apps. Segments tool lets you choose who (which users) sees the ads, and Placements — where they see them.

With these new tools, you can conduct A/B testing, customize the views and choose the most effective monetization strategies for each of your apps. Read on to learn about different ways of using them.


Mainly, this new tool allows you to manage ad impressions at different moments or places within an app. We call these moments placements.

A placement can be either a position of a banner displayed or any given event that initiates an ad impression. There are several placement types. All the placements allow you to adjust ad impressions more precisely and — most importantly — either to compare the performance or to control the reward amount for Rewarded Video.

Therefore, you can track detailed impression stats and understand the logic of how people use your app. Take what you learn into account when optimizing your monetization strategy!

Placements used to be part of Segments — but now it’s become a separate tool available to all Appodeal users. To start using Placements, simply head over to your account and open any app’s settings.


We redesigned Segments, as well as changed the tool’s functionality and added a couple of settings:

Grouping users via new, more convenient filters
We’ve replaced the Rule criterion with Filter — it allows you to choose the desired segment. Simply choose a filter, such as Country or Gender — and that’s about it. We also added two new criteria: Part Of Audience and Session Time.

Moreover, this works on both iOS and Android, no more hassle with duplicating your settings!

Re-adjusting a placement’s settings for a particular segment

You can re-adjust, change or set new parameters for a particular segment. See more examples in our detailed article.


A new feature called Presets makes your life easier when it comes down to creating similar segments — you no longer have to copy all the settings manually. We’ve come up with several presets aimed at the most common usage strategies, choose one of them as a template for your work.

Follow the link to take a deeper look into these presets.

These new tools allow you to track the efficiency of the ads amongst all user groups and all placements. Using them, you can refine your monetization strategy as well as generally improve your apps.

❓If you have any questions regarding Segments or Placements — feel free to contact our support team: (or simply click the chat icon in the bottom right corner of the dashboard).