Great news! After over 3 months of testing, our dev team has just shipped the last code to upgrade our SDK 2.6 out of beta.

Be sure to update to SDK 2.6 sooner rather than later to get the best revenue performance possible.

Why update to SDK 2.6?

In the mobile ad world, one thing is always true: constant innovations. Mobile technology is continuously improving and that means we along with our ad demand partners are also continuously improving our ad technology to stay ahead of the curve of the latest performance standards.

With this upgraded version of SDK 2.6 comes numerous important upgrades that ensure your in-app ads perform at the top level in terms of reliability, flexibility, efficiency and, of course, revenue performance.

Major ad networks revenue performance

With this SDK update, you will get the full power of the latest performance and technological compatibility upgrades from our top ad network partners, including Tapjoy, IronSource, Ogury, Unity Ads, Facebook Audience Network, Chartboost and more.

Ad network and 3rd party libraries flexibility

Through our new integration method, updated Gradle integration, and new Mediation Wizard, it is now much easier to exclude any unwanted ad network’s adapter from your mediation configuration without needing to make core updates. That means you can save time and have more flexibility to decide which network adapters and external SDKs to use to reduce the SDK size.

SDK behavior improvements

Many architecture improvements were implemented in SDK 2.6 to improve SDK behaviors such as the loading and displaying of ads and the collection of performance metrics like CTR and ad revenue.

What happens if you don’t upgrade to SDK 2.6?

Your app will still be able to monetize but your in-app ad performance will likely not generate as much ad revenue as it could, especially from the major ad networks mentioned above.

To continue monetizing from Tapjoy, however, it is necessary to update to this SDK or ads from Tapjoy will not be served.

As helping mobile app publishers and developers earn the highest ad revenue possible is the core purpose of this SDK update, we highly recommend you to update to SDK 2.6 sooner rather than later so you are not leaving any money on the table.

Not monetizing with Appodeal yet?

Sign up for free today and integrate our new SDK 2.6 in less than an hour. You will now find the new integration process to be simpler than before as well as more flexible options in the configuration of ad network adapters using the new Mediation Wizard so you can reduce the size of the SDK.

Update to SDK 2.6 Today

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