For years Free-to-Play mobile game developers have used rewarded videos as simply an added revenue bonus, viewing In-App Purchases as the core of their ad monetization strategies. But perceptions are changing, and rewarded videos are emerging as a solid and proven way to generate real revenue.

In a recent webinar, Appodeal explores the top strategies for using rewarded video ads in mobile gaming. Natalie Portier (Appodeal’s Evangelist), and Gaetan Pauchet (Appodeal’s Account Strategist Lead), chat with Alex Ariestov (founder of Heather gLade), about the success he has seen using rewarded videos to monetize two popular mobile games, Zero to Hero (iOS | Android) and Billionaire Simulator (iOS | Android).

Their discussion outlines in greater detail the following steps for success with rewarded videos:

  • Understanding how players relate to the product itself (Are they interested in playing? Do they use all game-features? Is the game balance good enough?)
  • Focusing on user experience and retention to increase the value of rewarded videos
  • Offering a reward that is tied to the game process incentives players
  • Choosing the location of rewarded videos is tied to user behavior
  • Implementing isn’t enough. You need to test and optimize results (to scale user engagement).

“I personally saw my friend say with joy and excitement in his eyes: “Cool, five more videos and I can buy myself a new car!”

-Alex Ariestov, founder of Heather gLade