There’s yet another Appodeal update. We’re excited to introduce Ad Network Monitor, a new tool that allows publishers to track ad networks in their apps. The ad network activation process has become more transparent and clear. Now you can:

— Follow ad networks’ activation criteria without assistance;

— See if a given network is activated in your app or not;

— Disable ad networks by yourself.

The list of ad networks is divided by ad types, and a network set is unique for every ad type. The same networks can provide different activation parameters within the same ad type. Thanks to Ad Network Monitor, now you can see these parameters, as well as track activation routes of ad networks and check which activation stage every given ad network is currently at.

For example, there could be difficulties with ad network activation due to enabled COPPA or Filter Mature Content settings — now we’ve made all of this information publicly available. (You can read more about COPPA in our e-book dedicated to kids apps.) As a result, this tool will help you understand activation more deeply and get to the bottom of any difficulties if desired.

Ad Network Monitor is available to all Appodeal clients by default. You can find this new feature in your app’s settings.

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